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What if I suspect Neglect or Abuse?

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If you suspect someone you care about is being abused or neglected, TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION to ensure their safety and out of harm’s way.

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Also, consider reporting your concerns to:

Local Law Enforcement And County District Attorney’s Office

Check the California district attorneys association for current addresses and phone numbers at 916-443-2017 or www.cdaa.org.

Adult Protective Services (APS)

Contact the APS in your county by referring to California Department of Social Services web site.

Insurance Agent Complaints

Contact the state insurance commissioner’s office at 1-800-927-4347 or www.insurance.ca.gov.  If an attorney sold the annuity, also file a complaint with the state bar association at 1-800-843-9053 or www.calbar.ca.gov.

Attorney Complaints

File a complaint with the State Bar of California if you believe your attorney acted improperly, and file complaints with state and local consumer protection agencies.

Mortgage Lenders & Brokers Complaints

If you believe that a real estate professional has committed fraud having to do with your reverse mortgage, file a complaint with the California Bureau of Real Estate.

Also file a complaint with the federal trade commission online or by phone, toll–free, at 1–877–FTC–HELP.

The Victim’s Personal Physician

The California State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

Assisted Living Complaints

To file an abuse or neglect complaint regarding a California state-licensed community care facility, call 1-844-LET US NO

Nursing Home Complaints

If the abuse & neglect occurred at a nursing home, contact the California department of public health, licensing and certification district (LCD)

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Contact the Law Offices of Ramon E. Lewis for effective, confidential and professional legal representation.