Wrongful Death
Ramon E. Lewis


Wrongful Death

“After many years defending corporate owners of nursing homes, I decided I would rather help protect those who cannot protect themselves… My experience makes me uniquely qualified to represent these individuals and their families at the level they deserve.”

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, many of Mr. Lewis’s cases involve the death of a loved one.  Each case is unique and often complicated  with estranged family members, each of whom may feel entitled to a greater share of any recovery.  Because there can only be one wrongful death case that must include all entitled heirs in one lawsuit, great care must be taken to identify and name each heir as either a plaintiff or disinterested “nominal defendant.” In each case, it is essential to advise all of the heirs of actual and potential conflicts of interest by having one law firm handle their wrongful death case.

Mr. Lewis takes great time and care to make sure  all of the wrongful death heirs are accounted for and properly represented either by his office or their own attorney.

Wrongful Death Southern California


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